Why Prepare?

Why Do You Need a Survival Kit?

Why Do You Need a Survival Kit?

Protect your family from anything in Wichita Falls, TX

If you don't believe in an impending doomsday or zombie apocalypse, then why do you need a survival kit? Wichita Falls, Texas is a hot spot for natural disasters, like tornadoes, floods, snowstorms and hurricanes. Make sure you and your family can survive a blackout for days at a time with quality food and survival tools.

Guardian Survival, Preparedness & Surplus can show you how to prepare for a disaster and hook you up with equipment that can save your family. From MREs to emergency medical kits, you'll find everything you need to survive a natural disaster right here.

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Be prepared for the worst

Many long-time Wichita Falls, TX residents still remember the tragedy of Terrible Tuesday, a day in 1979 in which three tornadoes tore through our town leaving nothing but destruction in their wake. So why do you need a survival kit? When tornadoes, hurricanes or snowstorms threaten your home, you can keep your family safe and protected.

Learn how to prepare for a disaster at Guardian Survival, Preparedness & Surplus in Wichita Falls, TX. We have both military and FEMA experience and can help you find the right equipment to keep your family safe.