Survive the Unimaginable

Survive the Unimaginable

Stock up on emergency survival kits in Wichita Falls, TX

Every survivalist knows that anything can happen at any moment. Be prepared for whatever is to come with emergency survival kits from Guardian Survival, Preparedness & Surplus. We carry a large selection of tactical and survival gear, from EMP-proof storage boxes to Mylar camping bags and fuel stoves.

Find quality emergency survival supplies at Guardian Survival, Preparedness & Surplus in Wichita Falls, TX today.

What kind of survivalist are you?

Being a survivalist means you're prepared for anything, whether that's an unexpected natural disaster or a nuclear attack. At Guardian Survival, Preparedness & Surplus, we have emergency survival supplies for all types of survivalists, including:

White-level - Those who stock up on minor supplies like food, toiletries and batteries.
Blue-level - Families who have at least 72-hours-worth of supplies on hand at all times.
Red-level - Total survivalists looking for military-grade tactical and survival gear.

Create an emergency survival kit to meet your needs at Guardian Survival, Preparedness & Surplus. Visit us in Wichita Falls, TX today.