Are You Prepared for an Emergency?

Are You Prepared for an Emergency?

Create an emergency preparedness kit in Wichita Falls, TX

You can never predict the future, but you can be prepared for it. With a disaster preparedness kit, you won't have to worry about electrical blackouts, food shortages or even medical emergencies because you'll already be prepared.

Build an emergency preparedness kit for your family at Guardian Survival, Preparedness & Surplus in Wichita Falls, TX. We have everything you need to survive a disaster.

Always be prepared

Whether you're new to prepping or need to restock after the last storm, Guardian Survival, Preparedness & Surplus has what you need to create a dependable emergency preparedness kit for your family, including:

  • Medical supplies
  • Whistles
  • Hard hats
  • Solar-powered chargers
  • MREs and bagged water
  • Water treatment kits
  • Portable stoves
  • Batteries
  • Flashlights/lanterns
Have a disaster preparedness kit ready at all times. Visit us in Wichita Falls, TX today to stock up on supplies.